Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On " . . . an unaware and compliant citizenry" -- Wikileaks inadvertently hits the jackpot

Part of the current Podesta email trove exposed by Wikileaks (and pardon the exposed emails, I assume accounts were cancelled), is the following:

This requires a modicum of decoding (given the tendency to play at projective,  "sawdust in your eyes vs planks in my own" games, as Jesus warned us about so long ago . . . ):


1 --> Are "Right Wing" Mr Moneybags the only moneybags at work in our world? Nope, try George Soros for just one instance. (Cf. here, the lesson of Ac 27. Beyond, if you are up to it, try Plato's parable of the ship of state.)

2 --> Is it just a "Right Wing" and "megachurch" etc phenomenon to mix celebrities, seductive star-power, entertainers and promotion of political or policy agendas? (This one practically answers itself in one word: Hollywood. [And if you think it is only sexual seduction that is aided by star-power influencing the star-struck to let the seducer do as he wills, think again. And yes, that is the next level in the story now being spread far and wide to try to discredit one particular operator in politics. What else do you think Ivey is implying by discussing the dangerous nature of celebrity/ charismatic power when it is turned against his favoured side?])

3 --> Now, too, notice the money-shot confession, carefully hidden behind the wall of distractive projections against the "Right Wing":
" . . . we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging."
4 --> Given the US context, we instantly need to ask, just which parties, ideologies, agendas and unions have dominated education, academics and the mass media over the past generation? The answer is notorious, the progressivist, cultural marxism- influenced, statist, secular humanist, often evolutionary materialist LEFT; often, dressed up in the lab coat.

5 --> So, too, vulnerability to manipulative spin and to learned passivity in the face of powerful spin tactics, dominant media messages/ "narratives" and charismatic "star" figures is largely a product of artificial ignorance of sound civics, sound history, sound government and citizenship, sound ethics, rudiments of logic and principles of right reason.

6 --> None of these is particularly difficult to counter and correct, once we are open and willing to change; that is, once we are no longer complacent. For instance, on media spin tactics, distraction games and message/ narrative dominance tactics (cf. here, here and here for a current case) we can get into the habit of de-spinning and grading the media's stories:

7 --> This test, once we are reasonably informed (thus the value of sound history, civics, ethics and logic . . . ), will quickly expose spin in the media, or from the platform, or from the lecturer's podium, or from the pulpit (yes, wolves can dress up in the clothing of the shepherd, the better to fleece and feast on the flock . . . ), or even in personal conversations, etc.

8 --> That then poses a double-challenge for our civilisation in our day, brought to focus by the present US election cycle. First, the geostrategic peril we face:

. . . then the problem of lemmings heading for the cliff:

. . . or in more "analytical," sustainability-linked strategic change terms:

9 --> With that sort of peril on the table, with Gorbachev plainly worried over Syria -- which "coincidentally" [NOT!] just happens to sit right in the middle of the pivotal triangle -- why is it we are talking about every triviality instead? Simple: we have been distracted, dumbed down, and manipulated by clever message dominance, spin and agit prop games. Which, is exactly what this Wikileaks release inadvertently highlights.

10 --> And so, conclusion: we had better attend to warning signs such as this Wikileaks message and act sensibly now, before it is bloodily too late. (Remember, nukes are in play now.)


Of course, history tells us that generally we do not heed such grim warnings until it is at best almost too late. Being complacent on the edge of a crumbling cliff is not exactly a wise or responsible thing to do. But, historically, it is all too common -- one reason for why history can be quite depressing. But, if we do not learn from its sound lessons of warning, we doom ourselves to making unforced, foolish, ruinous blunders. Over and over again.

(Ever wondered why there is a common saying as to how bad history repeats itself over and over again? No prizes for guessing why. And notice the lessons drawn out by a voice from the now despised as "deplorable" Alt Right; a voice that just happens to hold an MA in History. [Yes, I know he is an Atheist and at points draws inapt comparisons and inferences. Discount for that and listen, he has something we need to learn from. Well worth the time to watch.])

So, we are back to the Mordecai challenge: why not now? why not here? why not us? END