Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Capacity Focus, 52b: The ARM-based MikroElektronika EasyMX PRO v7, the Rigol DS1052E and the DP Scope SE -- some development kit (beyond Raspberry Pi) for multimedia and controller projects

MikroElektronika EasyMX PRO v 7
It is worth noting for reference, some of the stuff that is out there for development at the level beyond what a Raspberry Pi would do.

For instance, from Serbia -- yes, Serbia, we have the US$ 169 MikroElektronika EasyMX PRO v 7, and this would go well with say the Rigol DS 1052E US$ 330 - 400 or so digital storage oscilloscope with spectrum analyser features. The EMP comes with an on-board programmer-debugger, an LCD screen -- that's a cheetah being shown -- and it takes a family of processor cards. There is a buzzer, temperature sensor, a USB bus interface as well as Ethernet,  and it also interfaces with the automotive industry standard CAN bus.

The ARM of course, thanks to low power consumption, is used in a high proportion of cell phones and the like, so it is the most common processor family at this level. 

And if you need a lighter duty, light on the wallet USB resident oscilloscope, it may be useful to look at something like the DPScope SE.

In short, you don't have to break the bank to do fairly serious development work. END