Sunday, April 28, 2013

Video: Ray Comfort with CBN 700 Club on Hitler, God and the Church

Sometimes, we need to see what we are talking about, when we talk about Hitler's fundamentally antichrist spirit. Ray Comfort helps us with this joint presentation with CBN 700 Club:

(I hope the interview runs cleanly, sometimes, it may not.)

And, you may want to listen to this audio interview, and consult the earlier discussion here at KF on the now commonly heard ill-informed or deceitful "Hitler was a Christian" talking point; as well as this discussion on the true, foul nature of Fascism as a statist, Nietzschean superman political messianism and blasphemous idolatry. (By contrast, one may wish to see here on in context on just government under God, and especially here on some key but often overlooked roots of modern liberty and democracy. This KF post, gives a warning from a case study of Ac 27 on how democracies can blunder and get into serious stormy seas, when the public is manipulated or ill informed and lacking in public spiritedness.)

It is worth pausing, also to see this newsreel that first globally exposed the horror of the death camps in 1945, to understand where Germany's bewitchment by the mesmeric political messiah, Hitler, all ended up: 

A sobering lesson from the past that we must not ever forget. We simply cannot afford to make this horrible mistake again. END