Sunday, October 09, 2016

Is Mt Bimbo about to erupt in the USA?

Over the weekend, some tapes of vulgar locker-room talk by US Presidential candidate Donald Trump surfaced, leading to a firestorm of media calls for him to step down. Several republican leaders were seen running for the exits, but politico polling suggests Republican voters are standing by Trump.

Drudge has had up a telling headline that echoes Athanasius contra mundum:

Meanwhile, not so coincidentally, the Trump tape is distracting attention from a very damaging Wikileaks release on Mrs Clinton's high-fee, behind closed doors speeches.  

(This pattern suggests desperation in the Clinton camp.)


What gives? 

Where is a reasonable, responsible view?

First, a little perspective: 
Are we about to set a standard that any candidate the radical secularist major media do not like and who may have possibly been taped using crude language or expressing a foolish locker room comment or the like over the past 30 years is disqualified from high office? (Meanwhile there is serious reason to believe gropers, abusers and enablers who the media like are given a free pass with sexual peccadilloes and with  far more serious policy level or security failings?)

That's ridiculous.

And, the media talking-point and hysteria bubble pops and fizzles instantly once we see that.

(Frankly, it is time to turn away in disgust, permanently turn off, unplug and stop listening to the bankrupt, manipulative media and their talking-point parrot dupes.  Time instead for sound reading, thinking, studying and learning, starting with the scriptures. Game over, agit prop activists, strategists, spin doctors and assorted just plain liars, finis. You have lost us and we ain't ever coming back.)

Such said, one hopes Mr Trump in turn has learned a hard lesson and will treat women with better respect.  He is now 70 years old. It's not the Playboy era 1960's and 70's anymore and HIV/AIDS was a wake-up call.

(I certainly have not raised my general estimate of the man or of his main opponent, and remain on my firm view that the USA and our civilisation are in deep trouble. Cf here and here.)

Going beyond, Jazz Shaw of Hot Air blog has opined on a comeback move in tonight's townhall style debate (which, one hopes, will be less blatantly rigged than the last one was . . . utterly exposing the bankruptcy of the US major media):
There is no doubt a “town hall participant” queued up to ask about the tape, assuming the format doesn’t allow for Anderson Cooper or his partner to do the deed themselves. Everyone knows the question already so there’s no gotcha factor. The only mystery is how he’ll answer. Will he go after Bill? That’s the expectation. If he does, he’s deemed to be taking cheap shots, but that’s what was predicted. But what if he doesn’t? What if, rather than going after Bill’s sexual escapades, he just says that it was a different time, that’s not how he sees women and he’s apologized. From there he launches into the recent email revelations about Hillary.

If he does that the conversation about the Billy Bush tape is pretty much done. If Hillary tries to keep bringing it up she comes off as a bitter scold. If the moderators keep banging away on it after Trump acknowledges it and moves on, they poison their own performance by looking like they’re in the tank for Hillary.If they allow multiple audience members to keep bringing it up the question selection bias is obvious and produces the same result.
Can Trump pull off that sort of play? I honestly don’t know, but I wouldn’t exclude the possibility. A lot of professional politicos have been left looking awfully silly after predicting that The Donald couldn’t navigate the minefield of American politics for the last two years. He may just surprise everyone yet again. And if he does, the page is turned we’re back in a serious dogfight for last four weeks. Anderson Cooper would be left with little choice other than to abandon this shiny plaything and hit some policy topics.
Will Trump play it like this?

Time will tell, and we will learn a lot for our own increasingly divisive and polarised political culture from what he does and how it works. I dare say, it may even have a lesson or two for a Christian church facing ever more implacable hostility in the media, education and policy arenas. 

My basic feeling is, they went nuke on him and Trump is going to nuke right back.

For instance, it seems Mt Bimbo is giving off a throat-clearing eruption, per two vids at Breihtbart.

Exhb A: Broadrick gives a fresh, detailed (and to my mind very believable) account of a double-rape by Bill Clinton followed by silencing intimidation by Hillary:

Exhb B: Three women victimised by Bill Clinton speak out:

Exhb. C: Let me add, a short press conference with Trump, the three women and a fourth, the now grown up twelve year old rape victim whose rapist was successfully defended by Mrs Clinton as a young Lawyer by attacking and discrediting the victim. Even though in a tape played in the Hannity segment above, Clinton clearly believed he was guilty:

So, one way or another, we are in for a wild ride over the next month.

But, it is already clear that the media and cultural elites have nailed their flags to the pole for a hostile, radically secularist anti-christian agenda for our civilisation. 

So, we need to study what works and what does not in dealing with their power games and tactics, including the well-timed stink-bomb scandal tactic. 

We are next on the target list, make no mistake. The easy days to be a Christian in Western Civilisation are over. END