Saturday, June 30, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 158: There, we are all journalists now . . .

It seems that there has been a reaction to my highlighting the implications of Samizdat as a counter to an age of materialist spin, and to my highlighting the misbehaviour of denizens of the evolutionary materialist hate sites, as well as the following particularly outrageous piece of scripture-wrenching by American Atheists replied to here:

At notorious evo mat advocacy sites, there has been further abusive behaviour, duly enabled and tolerated -- exposing yet again the longstanding moral bankruptcy of evolutionary materialism, rooted in its utter want of a worldview foundational IS that can sustain the weight of OUGHT
(BTW: The evo mat advocates don't even seem to know enough about what was done to dissidents in the atheistical worker paradise known as the USSR to steer clear of false accusations of mental instability. As in, such now need to explain themselves about cynically falsely accusing dissidents from the party-line talking points of mental instability, locking them up and pumping them full of mind altering drugs through corruption of science, technology, institutions and professions. [cf. here and here also. Let's quote, to understand the utter viciousness of false accusations of mental instability: "The use of [mental] hospitals instead of jails prevents the victims from receiving legal aid before the courts, makes indefinite incarceration possible, discredits the individuals and their ideas . . . " In short, no need to embarrass yourself by addressing inability to answer on the merits, just play dirty tricks and if you have power to then lock people up, do so.] And, short of the full totalitarian power, the abusive evo mat advocates need to answer for their habitual resort to subtler forms of cynically dishonest abuse championed by the neo-marxist (yes, neo-marxist) Alinsky.)
If you are getting flak, you are getting close to the key targets, I suppose.

It looks like advocating a "long tail," each one tell one, samizdat strategy, is close to the target indeed. Let me summarise by key excerpt:
. . . man does not live by bread alone, and there is a hunger for the truth and for the right that in the end cannot be quenched. A hunger that points straight to our Eternal Author.

How does that work, practically speaking?

Say, I spend a month investigating something and pull together my summary report. Next month, I share  what I know with one other trusted person, and then a month later, we both share again. We are now at four who know more than Big Brother wants us to know. The next month, eight are in on the secret. After that, sixteen, thirty-two, and so forth. After thirty-three months, we are at 2^32 power, or 4, 294,967,296.

That's over four BILLION.

One more month, and we have covered the world's whole population.

The world -- in principle -- can know the truth in three years, without access to  instruments of mass manipulation, aka media and education power centres.

In short, sharing the truth a few at a time, and being motivated to pass it along repeatedly, has great power.


A power that is so great that the servants and dupes of deception make sure to put out their spin talking points to smear those who dare stand up, and to distort, confuse and polarise. Not to mention, to outright persecute if they think that will shut down the spread of the unwelcome truth.

Okay, one of my key points was that "Journalism is what we DO, not what we have duly anointed credentials that say we are." Let me prove it by releasing a media statement sampler. As I added to the post that has so obviously stirred evo mat ire:

I am sufficiently moved by outrageous misbehaviour to add a proof of this by sampler, for a media statement -- aim for 250 - 300 words for a release, and for 600 - 750 words for a column or radio talk. The first is about 2 minutes speaking, the second four to five. They could work as a short slot announcement in say a church service, even if the spin-doctors down by the local daily fish wrapper or radio spin zone refuse to publish:


Contact :     [name of spokesperson]
Contact Info:   [web page or blog etc]
email:  (use a throw-away, there are stalkers)  
Date:        Date
Re:       [subject]

CITY, LOCATION, Month, dd, yyyy --  Lead sentence and para, stating a current incident or issue or event on which the statement hangs. It should give who, what where when why how info, in the context of significance to the target audience. Begin , then, with a one to three sentence short paragraph that provides a quick overview of the news-worthy  incident or issue and why it is important. It should read easily and make the bridge and body of your statement/commentary to follow sound exciting to a general audience – the intelligent 12 year old.

Next, provide some bridging and background information on the focal topic, and perhaps, the point you are contending for.  Give pros and cons, or new info that is pivotal. Highlight apt quotes or the like, to strengthen the points. Draw a conclusion and invite a positive response, explicitly or implicitly. Make sure to write your statement in terms that readers, consumers, your target audience, and the general public will understand. Do not use industry terminology, and provide definitions that readers might not know about or understand.

Your text  should explain the purpose, target audience, and benefits of your conclusion and recommendation or invitation to action. It should intrigue the reader to find out more, visit your website, contact you for more information, recommend your key points to a friend, or promote your points to friends, neighbours, co-workers etc.

ABOUT [Source] The final paragraph should be a brief description of the author, his or her basis for credibility  and the products and services s/he provides. Include a summary of other key views supported, and a brief history if relevant. Also include "For more information, contact: " as the last sentence.
There, we are all journalists now. END