Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Does the "Alt Right" have a point or two? (AKA, we should not err by tossing out babies with their bath water)

This past week, the "Alt Right" came in for tongue- lashing in the media, the charge being led by flawed US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton trying hard to taint flawed candidate Donald Trump -- I am impressed with neither US candidate (and see the trends in the US and our wider civilisation as sobering signs . . . ) -- with racist, extremist and fringe associations.

The first problem with such rhetoric of tainting and polarisation is, it invites us to toss babies out with their bath water.

So, we should be very cautious about it, especially when those who live in glass houses (but enjoy media shielding) are abusing their privileges to cast stones at others through ruthless polarising spin games. Games, that play straight into the hands of the radical IslamISTS with their Civilisational Jihad by settlement strategies. (And in a week where we learned that Mrs Clinton's key aide, Huma Abedin, for a decade, was listed on the editorial board of her mother's journal which supports this Muslim Brotherhood strategy. Apparently, the very same, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, that published Sultana Afroz's arguably tendentious attempts to rewrite the Caribbean's past as Islamic. (Cf also Warner-Lewis' critique, here, and here. Cf. here for the persistence of the revisionism.)

What gives me pause and leads me to blog, is that I ran across one of the "Alt Right" spokesmen, who I find is making disturbingly good sense about the politics of polarised under-classes and immigration of incompatible minorities that drives down wages, destabilises community, and reinforces the politics of divide and rule.

Video, no 1 by Steven Molyneux :

Then, from that video, I found a link to a much longer one, on the history of the collapse of the Western Roman empire -- learning along the way that this is someone with an M.A. in History -- that seeks to draw out dynamics involved and from such, lessons and warnings that if heeded may help us avert collapse.

Video no 2:

So, I think we should pause and ponder, instead of dismiss and deride.

Then, it is time for a more responsible discussion of where we are taking our civilisation in our time. Maybe, just maybe, the issue of critical mass towards sound change is relevant:

Where, we should always bear in mind the seven mountains of influence, the fortified institutions at their summits and the way their gate keepers may be playing manipulative, dirty agenda games at our expense (as Ac 27 so strikingly exemplifies):

Food for sobering thought, in a very dangerous world:

So, let us take time to watch and ponder. END