Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Matt 24 watch, 295: US Election 2016 -- spin vs reality, the Media-Clinton campaign and our spiritual challenge

According to contrarian views and given current developments, the ongoing US election is not a done deal, Clinton shoo- in, with a bungling incompetent, racist [etc etc] for the Republicans "as usual."

(Why don't we spot obvious stereotyping?)

Of course the "done deal" view is what the mainstream, dominant media houses have been portraying. That is a manifestation of the Media-Democrat campaign strategy since 2008: manipulate the Republican primary process to ease into place a candidate to be savaged in the main election. This worked with McCain and Romney, who were more- or- less "moderates." And when angry Republican voters went for an obviously flawed "outside" candidate this year, the Media-Democrat campaign was happy to oblige while sharpening their knives for the kill in the main campaign. (Cf here for a disturbing example.)

Abedin and Clinton
(Never mind the flaws in their own dominant candidate:
  •  the Clinton Foundation and its obvious influence peddling to the tune of dozens to hundreds of millions,
  •  the thirty-plus year backlog of Clinton scandals (often minimised, dismissed in the teeth of otherwise disconcerting evidence that would have brought down a similarly tainted Republican or church leader, or simply made light of through a biased media), 
  • the Benghazi fiasco and obvious lies told to parents of dead soldiers as well as the general public, 
  • the fostering of an Arab spring that predictably turned Islamist winter, 
  • playing fast and loose with Al Qaeda over Iraq, Libya and Syria leading to emergence of ISIS and failure to nip it in the bud, 
  • her email-security violations which may have already contributed to the hanging of an Iranian scientist, 
  • notice here, the FBI's strange refusal to go ahead on an obviously strong case for willful gross negligence regarding high security documents and procedures reflecting recklessness and placing of political agendas and influence games above duties of care as a Cabinet Officer,
  • evidently habitual lying (which the email issues are bringing out), 
  • the questionable influence of Huma Abedin who is deeply connected to radical Islam (starting with her parents and going on to muslim brotherhood front groups in the USA etc), 
  • persistent and decades deep hints about lesbian involvement that come from too many varied sources to be dismissed out of hand, 
  • questions about her health (especially after a fall and brain blood-clot that contributed to her resignation as Secretary of State), and most of all 
  • her connexions to a party leading a radical morally tainted agenda . . . start with sixty million unborn children slaughtered in the womb and go on to radical homosexualisation and transgenderism etc.)
In short, we are being presented with a sobering lesson on the destructive power of media spin games even as the USA falls under the Isaiah 3 & 5 - Romans 1 judgement of moral collapse and breakdown of leadership:

A key current event is the FBI's disclosure of fifteen thousand additional work related emails not surrendered to them:
Remember this?
"I provided all of my emails that could possibly be work related." -Hillary Clinton, March 10, 2016 . . . . 
We already know Clinton's claims about turning over all work related emails to the State Department are false and now, we're learning the FBI found an additional 15,000 work related emails on Clinton's private server that she failed to turn over to the State Department upon departure in 2013 . . . 
This is revealing, especially when we put it in parallel with the disclosure that Ms Abedin, who is:
Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future White House chief of staff to the first female US president, for a decade edited a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the US for 9/11 . . .
Spell that, agent-of-influence

This reflects the radical Left/ Progressive/ Cultural Marxist de facto alliance with Islam-ISM against Western civilisation and its Judaeo-Christian heritage. This is a key contributor to the current global geostrategic picture:

Multiply this by the associated revelation that the lawyers who sorted through the emails submitted by Clinton to the FBI did not have proper security clearance (which involves serious background checks and vetting):
In July FBI director James Comey confirmed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stored and transmitted top secret, classified information on multiple private email servers. Last year during a press conference at the UN about her email server, Clinton said her attorneys went through all of her emails to separate work related information from her personal business. The problem? Clinton's attorneys don't have the security clearances required to handle the type of highly sensitive, classified information found on the former Secretary's server. 

"They did not," Comey said during Congressional testimony in July when asked whether Clinton's attorneys had the proper clearance to sift through classified information found on the server. "There’s a great deal of concern about an uncleared person, not subject to the requirements we talked about in the read-in documents, potentially having access."

Now, Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz is asking Comey to look into why unauthorized attorneys were combing through and separating Clinton's emails without proper security clearance. 

"Just as classified information may not be provided to anyone without an appropriate clearance, classified information must also not be stored on a computer system that is not authorized to store it.  The transfer of classified information from a computer system authorized to store it to one that is not is called spillage," a letter sent to Comey late Monday states. 

Clinton attorneys were not only handling classified information, they were doing so on unauthorized computer systems as well . . . 
This pattern lends force to a contrarian view by Wayne Allyn Root:

Hillary's Done... And She Knows It

Posted: Aug 20, 2016 12:01 AM
. . . .According to liberals…and Donald's critics…and the GOP establishment…and Ted Cruz’s “NeverTrump” crowd…and the mainstream media... Trump is ignorant...disorganized...offensive...his views are barbaric and simplistic . . . . 
It’s all gone bad for Donald Trump, hasn’t it? It can’t get any worse for a presidential candidate. Talk about your peaks and valleys…Trump is deep in the heart of the valley.

But here’s the thing…

After all of THAT...after Hillary and the media and liberals…and the GOP establishment threw everything they had at Donald…

He is tied with Hillary (within statistical margin of error) in every major credible national poll out in the past few days. Pick your poll: Zogby, Rasmussen, LA Times/USC, Bloomberg, they all say he’s down 1 or 2 points with likely voters- which is tied. In the latest LA times/USC poll he’s down less than one point.

And we all know 5% to 10% of voters won't admit they support Trump. Why would they after the three weeks of disaster I just described?

So that means he's actually AHEAD by 3 to 5 points . . . . 

If Hillary isn't ahead by 15 to 20 points right this absolute low point of Trump's campaign...the deep, deep valley…Hillary is the one in deep trouble. 

Her peak is actually the valley. Her fans and the mainstream media just don't understand that yet. This is the high water mark of her campaign. It will never get better than this. And she's tied, hanging on by her fingernails . . . . 

Even worse...

She knows any day between now and November 8th...Julian Assange and Wikileaks will drop a bombshell that will destroy her presidential run, political career and legacy all in one. She knows what’s coming, because she knows what’s in those emails. If Wikileaks has what Hillary thinks they have, her future involves the “Big House," not the White House.
If this contrarian view is anywhere close to correct, the upcoming election may well be a wild ride, with the credibility of political polling, the media and the establishment in the stakes. And even if Mrs Clinton makes it through, her train of scandals, issues and concerns will follow her into the White House.

But perhaps the most sobering point is in the last bullet above.

The American Black community habitually votes Democrat 90 - 95%, in a context where that party for a generation has been deeply associated with an accelerating dechristianisation agenda, with the worst single point being the advancement of the single worst holocaust in global history under false colour of "reproductive rights," "choice" and twisted law. Abortion.

In the USA, some 60 millions since 1973 when the Supreme Court handed down the notorious Roe v. Wade decision. At the rate of about one 9-11 per day, about 3,000. Yes, the same numbers as marked a national tragedy.

Globally, we have to estimate.

BBC news recently indicated global abortions are 52 millions per year, down from 56 recently. This reflects figures Planned Parenthood's Allen Guttmacher Institute has issued. So, multiply 50 millions per year by 40 years then by 1/2 for growth. Shave off a fifth, and you have 800 millions. 

American Blacks are one of the most churched sectors of the US, and pastoral leaders have a duty of prophetic counsel.

The manifest failure here speaks, decisively and not to the credit of such pastoral leaders.

In the face of manifestly the worst holocaust of the innocents in history.

Worse than slavery.

Worse than racism. 

(Indeed, disproportionately many of the aborted in the USA are . . . black. Globally, all too many abortions, especially in Asia, are of unborn girls, leading to tellingly skewed population sex ratio statistics.)

And here in the Caribbean, we have blindly followed the lead of the US Blacks, the Democratic Party and the mass media.

Our pastoral leaders and educated Christians in general have duties of prophetic counsel too.

And now, our failures are coming home to roost as the dechristianising and Islamist agendas hit our region with repeated hammer-blows, like tidal waves:

Whichever way the US presidential election comes out, the dynamics of Isaiah 3 & 5 and Romans 1 will continue to be in play. The USA and the wider West are hollowed out at the core, having turned to apostate leadership in the church, the university, the media and the state alike. 

They are now an increasing source of moral and spiritual contagion that threatens our region. 

Even, as the global geostrategic situation spins utterly out of control, largely unheeded.

Hardly anyone seems to care or wants to put in the effort to truly understand.

The question is, what will we do, given this counsel of scripture:

Where also, the Apostle Paul provides an example:

So, will we here in the Caribbean rise to the challenge we face?

And, will we, onward, rise up to our potential as the third tidal wave?

The choice to be a new David generation is in our hands. 

So, it is back to the Mordecai challenge: why not now, why not here, why not us? END