Sunday, November 11, 2012

A note on abortion on demand and where it leads a culture

An unborn baby at six weeks, six days.
Eyes, hand and beating heart are all visible.
(Source: Comfort, still clip from 180)
I think I need to make a specific note on this subject, given that the dehumanisation of the unborn child leading to the notion that its deliberately induced death is a "solution" to a "problem" or even a "right" is one of the pivotal moral, policy and civilisational issues in our day. 

One where, frankly, the blood of millions of innocent children cries up from the ground against us.

Sorry if you find this offensive [this is not by way of condemnation but by way of a call to repentance and reformation], but if you have been finding excuses for what has been going on globally or have been turning a blind eye to it, you need to be shaken. And if you have been intimidated into silence, you need help.

Perhaps the best place to start is with Ray Comfort -- who is Jewish and Christian, by the way (so, kindly connect dots . . . ) -- and his video, 180:


(You might want to watch it in a circle, then sit and talk it over as a group.)

Then, you may want to reflect on 53 million dead in the USA since 1973, at a rate that has often been a 9/11 per day. 

The global figures I have seen are so appalling that I cannot give them. Suffice to say that in the past generation we seem to have slaughtered what seems like a half-generation in the womb. 

Making excuses all the way and treating those who try to cry out stop as pariahs. (Cf. my recent comment on this, here.)

It is time to stop, think, feel remorse, shame and grief, then to change hearts and minds, thence public policy. Not by violence, but by moral suasion.

In that cause, I suggest reading here, here and here after you view the video.

Let us mourn bitterly for our collective sins and blood-guilt, that our God may shine his forgiving, cleansing grace on us. END