Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Woolwich beheading attack in London

Yesterday, we were saddened to learn of an evident Islamist terrorist attack in the streets of London, where a young soldier returning to barracks at Woolwich was hacked and stabbed (apparently near a primary school), also being beheaded by two Islamist attackers. The attackers -- later wounded in a gun battle with police [who took 20 minutes to arrive at the scene] -- seemed to come from Nigeria, which raises questions of Boko Haram.
Daily Mail reports:

'You and your children will be next': Islamic fanatics wielding meat cleavers butcher and try to behead a British soldier, taking their war on the West to a new level of horror
One of the men arrested is believed to be Michael Adebolajo
  • Two men repeatedly stab and tried to behead off-duty soldier in SE London
  • They shouted 'Allah Akbar' attack and told witnesses to film them
  • Charged at police officers with rusty revolver, knives and meat cleavers
  • Killing took place 200 yards from barracks and close to primary school
  • Both men placed under arrest after being treated for gunshot wounds
  • PM: Killing is 'sickening' and Britain will 'never buckle' in face of terror


Let us note, let us identify the culprits and let us neither be intimidated by them nor give in to blanket hatred of people who had nothing to do with the attacks. END