Saturday, May 11, 2013

Developing -- Amb John Bolton on Benghazi developments after the whistleblowers spoke out . . .

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton puts the recent Congressional testimony of whistleblowers in perspective:

This video gives more:

It seems clear that the talking points on how this was a demonstration triggered by a Youtube video have collapsed. Indeed, it is evident that while events were unfolding the No. 2 man on the scene in Libya characterised the events in a phone conversation with then Secretary of State Clinton, as a terrorist attack. In addition CIA briefing points on an Al Qaeda linked attack were clearly scrubbed as ordered by the politicos.

This seems to be gross dereliction, leading to disaster in the teeth of warnings [and no, if you had discretionary funds on the scale being spent elsewhere security in Libya should have been much better]. Backed up by an evident cover up that plainly played a part in the 2012 US Presidential election.

Such does not look good at all for the current US Administration, or for how it is handling the problem of IslamIST global agendas; and it points to a much wider problem. END