Thursday, May 09, 2013

Historical Note: Friday, to the day and date, is the 73rd anniversary of the German attack in the West in 1940 that changed a European war into a global war

Friday is the anniversary of the German invasion in the West in 1940, the first proof of the power of Blitzkrieg. Friday, May 10, 1940.


BBC News has an archived report, that it is instructive to clip (as in we see how the news was missing the biggest piece of the story, the preparation for the thrust through Sedan to the Coast):

1940: Churchill takes helm as Germans advance

German forces have invaded Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by air and land. 
The invasion began at dawn with large numbers of aeroplanes attacking the main aerodromes and landing troops. The Dutch High Commission says more than 100 German planes were shot down by its forces.

In London, it has been announced that Winston Churchill will lead a coalition government after Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said he was stepping aside.

Two days ago his majority plummeted in a vote of confidence in the Commons during a debate on the war and there were calls from the Tory benches for him to go . . . 
Food for thought. END