Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Matt Drudge warns reporters against Gov't surveillance as scandals swirl in the US

It seems the latest in a clutch of scandals in Washington DC, is that AP reporters had phone records secretly taken. Accordingly, Drudge of the Drudge Report tweets:

This is beginning to sound like excellent advice. 

Get those extra-strong monster passwords -- 15+ characters with letters + numerals + special characters, folks. 

And, log into Skype through Microsoft. 

(Micro$oft . . . oh, well.)

Put Skype somewhere that you can control and wall off, like in a second, Linux operating system or on a smart phone. 

Keep away from social media sites. 

Treat emails like old fashioned post cards -- anyone can read them. 

And, watch them ATMs: smile you're on candid camera. (NB: It is wise to cup hands and hide PINs.)

Tape over the cams on your PCs and phones etc, and remember PC mikes and those on phones may be live when you don't know.

Do regular spyware scans, too!

Don't forget: BOTH antivirus and firewall.

As for anywhere with a mike or one of those pen mike-cam thingies, it is wise to assume "Little Brother" is watching as well as Big Brother."

Welcome to 1984!   END