Wednesday, May 01, 2013

NEWS: The Israeli Air Force apparently strikes a chemical weapons site near Damascus, Syria

As the ever unstable Middle East yet again boils over, a UPI report indicates that it seems Israel has hit a chemical weapons site near Damascus, with its Air Force:
The Free Syrian Army [--> a major rebel group in the ongoing civil war] says Israeli air force jets flew over President Bashar Assad's palace and bombed a chemical weapons site near Damascus, Maariv reported.
The report said Israeli jets entered Syrian airspace close to 6 a.m Saturday and flew over Assad's palace in Damascus and other security facilities before striking a chemical weapons compound near the city.
A clear warning to Iran, the sponsor of the Syrian regime, and in addition, an indication of the dangers in the Syrian situation. Note, Syria has been reported as having the largest chemical weapons arsenal in the world. 

The dangers if some of these get into the hands of terrorists -- all too abundant in and around the current civil war -- boggle the imagination.  END