Monday, April 15, 2013

Matt 24 watch, 206: Boston Marathon bombings, April 15, 2013 -- Jihad terror in America, or what?

This evening, BBC news reported on multiple bombings in Boston USA. It seems there were two explosions at the finish line (at least one apparently in a trash can of some sort), and maybe a third device at the JFK Library -- an incendiary, also in Boston. Reports indicate two further unexploded devices recovered. 

Two seem to be dead (one may be a young boy of eight years), and dozens injured, maybe up to about a hundred.

Also, there is reportage of a twenty year old Saudi man with burn injuries being taken into custody near the scene and being in hospital under guard after having been seen as acting suspiciously. There are also ugly reports -- with web snapshots -- of Islamist extremism supporters cheering on the terrorism online. 

That is sad.

Footage, sadly graphic with at least one severely injured person lying motionless in the heart rending, proverbial pool of blood:

There is of course immediate concern that this may be Jihad terror, however some commentators -- especially those on the left of the political spectrum -- are suggesting "right wing extremists" as a distinct possibility. 

(What of left wing extremists? If we don't know on solid evidence, we don't know and should not issue inevitably atmosphere-poisoning speculations or accusations.)

Unfortunately, these days such a term as "right wing extremists" on such lips, does not just imply someone like Aryan Nation or the KKK, but also increasingly, Evangelicals and Catholics.

That is a measure of the over-wrought polarisation and atmosphere poisoning that have long been at work, and such irresponsible scapegoating rhetoric should be stopped. Before it triggers something horrible. 

SPLC et al, this means, you

(Recall the attempted massacre at the FRC in Wash DC? Please think again before labelling those who differ with you in a principle based way as "hate groups" or the like. Alinsky's evil counsel to inter alia portray the other side as devils incarnate, should be seen for what it is and rejected.)

What is clear is that when an incident like this happens, it takes a while to sort out fact from ugly rumour or panicky speculation, and it will take time to pick up likely culprits and evidence that gives strong reasons to believe that any particular individuals or groups are involved. I say this as a caution, though it is fair comment to note that multiple, co-ordinated bombings is somewhat of an Al Qaeda style. (Which is perhaps why protective steps were taken in New York City and Washington DC on the news of this bombing hitting the air waves.)

Let us hold off judgement until some decisive evidence comes in. 

But it is clear mass murder has been attempted and a lot of innocent people have been hurt, with two apparently dead. May God comfort victims and their families. END