Thursday, April 25, 2013

BESLAN -- we need to be reminded

This summary video helps us place recent events in the context of Chechen separatist/islamIST extremism and terrorism: 


In short, sadly, the motivations and nihilist extremism of the Chechen militants is all too well known. 

Boston, 2013 is just the exporting of what has been going on for ever so long. (And, it is worth the noting, that the elder of the two brothers was named after Tamerlane, who was notorious for his murderous conquests of Non-Muslims.)

And, if we need more, here is the description in the words of the traumatised children who survived that assault on a school on the first day of the school year, a day of traditional celebrations in Russia:

  The Children Of Beslan. from UKInfidel on Vimeo.

Sobering, horrible, but we need to learn and address this; it is not going to go away until it is decisively, utterly, irretrievably defeated. END