Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Matt 24 watch, 203: Reza Kahlili -- Iran may be across the nuke "red line"

WND's pseudonymous Reza Kahlili warns:
Iran is threatening to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the wake of the failure of the latest negotiations between the Islamic regime and world powers.

Since the United States and European countries are not in compliance with the treaty and regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency, why should Iran be in compliance, asks Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of the regime’s parliament.

“It is not acceptable for Iran to respect the NPT and the agency’s regulations but America and the West disregard its articles such as article 6 (mandating reduction of nuclear weapons) and article 4 (Iran’s nuclear rights),” Boroujerdi told Fars News Agency, an outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards. “Therefore there is no reason for Iran to remain a member of the NPT, and the parliament can review this status.”
 The assertions that project blame and hypocrisy on others are of course, the usual distractive, issue-clouding and atmosphere polarising turnabout accusations pioneered by Goebels et al, and now so often used by cynical spokesmen. (It is worth noting that both the USA and Russia have drastically reduced nuclear arsenals in the years since the Cold War, as just one index of how little truth is in the assertions, apart from the point that they are meant to distract our attention from the growing global threat posed by the IslamIST terrorist dictatorship in Iran Iran in its rush to acquire nuclear weapons and means of delivery.)

 The bottomline is, obviously, that Iran now feels able to discard the disguise of being in negotiations.

That is a sobering sign, given something else Kahlili is pointing out in a video in the linked article:

It seems that there is significant reason to believe that in addition to the nuke sites already identified, there is a deeply buried, centrifuge centre and weapons assembly site, about 15 miles NW of the one in Fordow that was revealed by dissidents in 2009.

 (If the described nature of the site is as outlined, it would be hard to attack with non-nuclear weapons. Though, I think the tunnels could be collapsed. I suspect the rings of buildings surrounding are at least in part anti-aircraft missile batteries.)

Kahlil summarises from Western experts, that:
Many American experts who have reviewed the images have expressed deep concern and have urged Congress to conduct a hearing on the Islamic regime’s nuclear bomb pursuit.

The source, a high-ranking officer within the regime’s Ministry of Defense, warned that the regime has successfully bought time through meaningless negotiations in reaching an “Objective Force” where not only it can survive an attack but provide a meaningful response.

The source concluded that if world leaders think North Korea’s rhetoric is bad, they will experience daily uncertainty once the regime in the not-so-distant future arms its missiles with nuclear warheads where the instability in the energy market alone could crash the West’s economy.
 Not good news.

 Sadly, it seems we are five minutes to midnight on the nuclear clock. END