Monday, June 09, 2014

ZORPIA FISHING SCAM -- I got hooked, here is a warning . . .

Over the past several days I received emails about a personal message from a trusted friend, on a network. I ignored it until I saw details that fooled me to believe it was legitimate and connected to Yahoo. 

I checked, and saw contacts I trust.

I thought, well I do not like social networks but with these people (including my son!) I should be okay.



If you have received an invitation, especially purporting to be from me or my friends, please do not click on it.

It is of course very hard to get out of Zorpia.

The only thing that seems feasible is this email:

I have of course sent them a most ferocious demand that they remove me and all my contacts within 24 hours, notify me of same and then leave me and my contacts alone thereafter forever. 

If you have been caught up, please put in a fresh strong email password, something that is ridiculously long and has letters, numbers, special characters and the like.

My apologies for causing you trouble if I have inadvertently done so.

Believe you me, this one looks legit.

It ain't.

Never mind its disclaimers and pleas to the contrary. Never mind if there are people so naive as to be using this network.

So, please be warned about Zorpia and avoid them like the plague. END