Monday, June 02, 2014

The protesters over the Bain firing at UWI speak out to the Jamaica Observer . . .

Thanks to the Jamaica Observer, the protesters speak out:

Let us listen.  Especially, if we are inclined to imagine that this incident has no deleterious implications for academic freedom and freedom of expression -- thus also the credibility of and/or value of degrees* from UWI. (NB: cf here and here. ) END

*PS:  It saddens me to have to point out that an issue of politically correct indoctrination backed up by firing a professor for stating the empirically grounded facts regarding the spreading of HIV/AIDS and making reasonable public health recommendations -- whatever the distractive rationales about alleged breaches of trust and hostility to the Christian Faith -- has implications for the quality of UWI as an educational institution. But, as UWI Mona went through the same problem in the 1970's and 80's with undue Marxist domination of Social Sciences, the institution should be particularly sensitive to this issue. In simple terms, if an institution is indoctrinating and intimidating, it cannot at the same time be adequately inculcating critical thinking, academic freedom and responsible independent-mindedness.  Please, UWI -- whatever the impact of dilemmas over "who pays the piper," take this as a wake-up call spoken out of deep concern and even pain.