Friday, June 20, 2014

Matt 24 watch 241e: William Federer's summary of the history of Islam and Islamism . . . balancing some common misperceptions

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I have long been concerned over the two tidal waves that are pounding on the shores of our region:

We need to understand both spiritually rooted geo-strategic surges.

In the case of Islamism, Jihad and Dawah, backed by Taqiyyah, that can be quite difficult. 

And yet the horrible incidents in Iraq that are now splashing across our TV screens, and those connected to Boko Haram call out for deeper understanding than we are likely to get from our Radio, TV and Newspaper news and views coverage. Not to mention, what we do not get in schools.

After a bit of web searching I ran across an article that introduces and presents a 2009 video talk on the 1400 year conflict with expansionist Islam, here. (This should be also examined in light of the observations by Richard Csaplar, here.)

Thankfully, Federer's talk -- which obviously is a bird's eye view fast forward 101 level highlights tour, not "in-depth" and may not get every detail quite right with just the balance and nuance we may want --  is hosted at YouTube and so we can see:




Sobering food for thought, and not at all like what we are likely to ever hear presented in the so-called mainstream media. END 

PS: From the KF Blog RH column, you may wish to consult these references, especially Nehls and Eric: