Thursday, June 12, 2014

Matt 24 watch, 241: Black flag armies head for Baghdad . . .

In the news, the flags being brandished by the Islamists in Iraq say it all:

Jihadis on the march under the all too revealing Black Flag in Iraq (HT: Drudge, cf. UK Independent)

. . . at least, if you have taken time to inform yourself. END

PS: Strong meat reading -- Sowell on Obama

PPS: UK Daily Mail on the Iraq conflict.

PPPS, Jun 14: J Farah asks, pointedly, why a rich target like that -- and remember, reports indicate mass beheadings of captured police, soldiers, officials etc, a blatant war crime and demonstration of just what these terrorists are --  is not being lighted up by air attack . . . even as air attacks in Libya converted a no-hope uprising into the defeat of Ghaddafi.  In case you need a reminder, here is what a road convoy like that looks like after being seriously hit from the air, taken in Iraq 1991 from the war to liberate Kuwait:

More dots to connect.