Saturday, August 27, 2016

VIDEO: The Jakubowski Open Source, sustainable industrial civilization 2.0 dream in 5 minutes

To make big changes to economic systems, we need big dreams.

Here is Marcin, on the global village construction set:

Now, to make dreams come true we have to wake up first and map out a feasible strategic path. Think, an open source industrial civ 2.0 reboot kit on a DVD, that transforms the potential of a small town or an island community. Back that with collaborative research by universities feeding an industrial technology commons. One that people can reboot entrepreneurship as adding value and support. Further back that with a digital library spread out across the Caribbean, just to localise.

Blend in the educational tablet PC revolution:

Think, your textbooks, library, notebook, workbook and a cluster of high tech instruments ranging from a high end scientific calculator to an oscilloscope to a software development environment to mathematical analysis packages to office and multimedia productivity in a tablet affordable for all students.

I bought the RCA Cambio, a Windows 10 machine,  at US$ 119, it is now at US$ 100, a harbinger of things to come. (There is an Android version, the Viking, for US$ 80 or so.)

Then think of baking into education, programming, interfacing and digital productivity for all.

Think, of an alternative education system that runs up all the way to an Associate Degree that is not locked into the manipulations of all sorts of politically correct agendas now targetting our region and which are already warping the legal system, higher education, public policy, health and development:

 Think, of how two 40 ft containers butted together side-to-side on a slabs and rammed earth foundation and transformed with some clever sheet-rock work etc could be made into a multimedia educational centre:

Maybe, it is time for a radical reboot of how we think about development, economics and industry. As well as the education that drives it:

That leads to a macro-economic view of a more stable approach to economic transformation:

  Yes, dreams are hard to put on the ground successfully, but that does not mean they should just be scoffed at and dismissed. END

PS: And if you hear an echo of making us less geostrategically vulnerable in a very dangerous day, yes . . .  that is there, too: