Thursday, March 28, 2013

Matt 24 watch, 199: Herbert Meyer gives insights on how the Cold War was won by the West -- Grenada, Poland and the Pope John Paul II Assassination attempt

Sometimes, we need to revisit the settled ideas we tend to have and reassess the worth of sources as well as the warrant for what we think we know.

The typical regional view on events in Grenada 1979 - 1983 is a case like that, and -- courtesy Powerline blog --Herbert Meyer's recent lecture on the 100th birthday of US President Reagan's former CIA Director, William Casey, should give us pause to re-assess the conventional wisdom in our region:

Food for thought, and the context of the Cold War -- cf. here, here and here --  and how we tended to view it [contrast Meyer's pivotal memo here], give a significant sidelight that should inform how we calibrate or evaluate the quality of today's news and views on our ongoing cultural ideological conflict due to the ongoing Great Western De-Christianising Apostasy and the rise of Jihadism. END