Saturday, March 16, 2013

1 Chron 12:32 report, 113: Peter Williams of Tyndale house, at the 2011 Be Thinking conference, addressing the "Christians support genocide" accusation

One of the excuses that Mr Dawkins used to avoid a debate with Mr Craig, was the accusation that he (and by extension other Christians) support genocide.

Shudder, we are the moral equivalent of  Bin Laden's suicide bombers attacking the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.


And, obviously, not. 

Mr Dawkins was indulging a deliberate smear. That sad fact should be noted in our further dealings with him and his ilk. 

However, the matter is sufficiently troubling, that it is worth pausing to see how Peter Williams (though he was obviously uncomfortable doing so) took it up in the Be Thinking Conference:

After this, it may be useful to work through my own 101 here on -- and observe, how this also happens to indict Jews who take the Tanakh [= OT] seriously, e.g. Rabbi Boteach, who answered Christopher Hitchens on the subject. END