Thursday, March 07, 2013

Notes on the "The Bible" miniseries on History Channel

Over the past several days, between activities of a fairly busy patch, I have been able to see a few snippets of the The Bible miniseries on History Channel.(Cf intro here at KF.)

The overall impression, is that it is a dramatisation, not a literal rendering of the key Bible stories. 

Fair note.

So, those looking for detailed accuracy should follow up by doing some reading and pondering. This is not a video Bible Study.

However, the general tone is reasonably respectful and will help give a flavour of the pivotal events that are picked up for dramatisation. 

Such as the Flood (with a rather leaky ark!), in that, the Creation account in outline and the Fall with a snip or two on the first murder. Abraham's story. David and Goliath. Jesus. Paul. That sort of thing.

I thought the idea of two sword-wielding samurai angels -- one evidently Japanese, the other black -- in Buddhist type robes over breastplates, was interesting. 

I think this may help open minds and give a feel for what the situation was like.

Unfortunately, the general tone of History Channel on Bible type themes is both grating and sloppy on reasonable scholarship. I fear a drowning out and confusion effect that smears out what is reasonably on target into what is not.

But I am sure the DVD will be great for helping to spark conversation and reflection. 

For instance, I can see showing a clip then rolling in to a panel that discusses what has been shown, the text and the issues connected then opens up for the audience, as a teaching approach.

That ought not to be underestimated in a day where people are increasingly unable to come to terms with a thick book without a lot of pretty pictures in it.

Worth watching, but do not demand of it what it cannot deliver. For more detailed Bible stuff, get Glo Bible or the like. END