Saturday, October 24, 2015

Matt 24 watch, 278: Mark Steyn on suicidal Western Democracies vs IslamIST radicalism [ often termed "fundamentalism"]

Mark Steyn is a significant voice, and his remarks are well worth pondering as he looks at the suicide of the West . . . already in demographic and geostrategic progress, in the face of rising IslamIST radicalism. A pivotal point on the table is that over this generation, the people of the USA (as leading Maritime global power facing -- in geostrategic terms -- an essentially continental Islamist threat) will determine the result for good or ill:

(I of course take exception to the deliberate smearing and tainting of a term that properly speaks of protestant Christians who, 100 years ago took a courageous and unpopular stand against the rise of apostate, rationalist modernist theology by advocating a return to the historic  fundamentals of the Christian faith. Cf Theopedia here and Amazon here.)

Again, food for thought. END