Saturday, October 24, 2015

Matt 24 watch, 277: Matt Drudge speaks out on the new media and perceived corporatist [ ~ fascist] threats to freedom

Matt Drudge, since the 1990's, has run a very influential news aggregation site, which has made him one of the most significant independent media figures in the USA.

Earlier this month, he paid a surprise birthday visit to Alex Jones of Info Wars who runs a somewhat idiosyncratic, generally libertarian independent radio and new media house.

In the visit The two discussed the prospects for independent media, and the perceived threat of corporatism in the media. During this, Drudge stated that a US Supreme Court Judge had told him that copyright law would be used to block even citing a news headline from leading mainstream media houses, effectively breaking his business model.

From the sort of idiosyncratic, "independent" libertarian viewpoint that is fairly common in the USA, this looks a lot like big business joining force with big government to manipulate and control the people, all against the backdrop of the current push to confiscate what such people see as a major symbol of their liberty and check against just such an alliance, the constitutionally enshrined right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The two quite literally speak in terms of deliberate provocation of a civil war by the allied Fascist-Corporatist forces over the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment -- which BTW is an almost unique governmental recognition of the principle that the ordinary man has a right of self defense and community defense with effective means.   They do not use the term Fascist, but the alliance of the popular and somewhat left with major corporations through providing "solutions" to "unprecedented" crises, leading to to domination of the community is a very familiar pattern of thought. And from that perspective the Obamacare takeover of was it 1/8 of the US economy, inserting big Government control at unprecedented levels through a populist messianic politician presenting the issue in terms of a crisis, is a strong and dangerous sign of things to come.
(And, for those who came in late: Fascism is a generally left of centre -- Stalin is the one who termed it "Right Wing" -- statist ideology allied to corporatist forces. As a FYI, Mussolini was a leader of the Socialist International who in WW I turned nationalist, and Hitler's National Socialist German Workers Party was confessedly socialist in an era in which even "Conservatives" thought in terms of the inevitable rise of socialism. A key facet of this toxic brew is that the pivotal and catalytic Nietzschean Superman political messiah figure -- yes that is what is on the table, a demagogue of generally socialist- /progressivist- /"liberal" leanings arises in the face of "unprecedented crisis" (as a man of great ability who is "beyond ordinary morality" as a popular political saviour figure), who then forms an alliance with big business that gives increasingly dictatorial control of governance and government. Echoes of Antichrist and the manifestation of the spirit of antichrist are patent . . . which, is my main point of interest. [In my own view -- I am NOT endorsing Drudge and have a very dim view of Jones -- the critical issue in such a situation is the idolatry of political messianism, which like any other species of idolatry, is demonic and naturally leads to enslavement and the breakdown of civil decency, as say Rom 1 and Isa 5 discuss. And insofar as left, right and centre have any real meaning these days (apart from emotionally loaded, usually toxic labelling), such can come from any quarter. Partial fulfillment of the prophetic dynamics of antichrist to the detriment of one and all and the resulting hindrance or even persecution of the gospel, are therefore my major underlying concerns. We are in Acts 27 at Fair Havens at a dangerous hour, and the manipulative, deceptive rhetorical spell leading to the march of folly is already being woven. Unless something breaks the spell, a wild and dangerous ride driven by a march of folly is ahead.])


Without endorsement, food for thought -- we need to understand how diverse groups of people are thinking. END