Saturday, October 03, 2015

Matt 24 watch, 270: Dr Michael Brown on how the marriage redefinition slippery slope . . . is for real

One of the dismissed concerns about attempted re-definitions of marriage away from creation order, under colour of law is that a slippery slope opens up.

Unfortunately, it seems the slope and slide down to chaotic confusion is beginning to happen . . . as Dr Michael Brown discusses:

This shockingly echoes remarks by Lesbian activist Masha Gessen about the implications of imposing homosexualisation on marriage, that have long been highlighted in this blog.

Key clip and quote:


Of course in a message dominance, deeply polarised, agendas and activists in Journalistic clothes media culture, unwelcome truths such as this are utterly unlikely to be generally headlined.

And, I know I know, much of this has already been said here at the KF blog (off in a little Internet-projected corner . . . ), I am simply following up on indicators and trends.

That does not make them any less significant as warning- signs of what we face as business as usual turns ever more plainly into a march of folly:

And again, more analytically:

Will we wake up, can we turn back from the brink before it collapses underfoot?

Or, is this time to save ourselves from an untoward generation, erecting alternatives designed to withstand the clearly coming cultural collapse into chaos?

Pardon my again reminding of the fullness of Christ theme and its implications for how the discipleship of the nations alternative must speak to and act towards the dominant cultural mountains:

 . . . even as Francis Schaeffer counselled us so long ago:

. . . understanding what happened when men declared intellectual autonomy from God:

. . . and the resulting trend-lines of thought in our civilisation:

We cannot say we have not been warned, or that we are utterly helpless in such a time as this day of rampant evil, deception and chaos.

Food for thought. END