Monday, March 24, 2014

A Fox News vid clip of Gen. McInerney's educated guesses on the missing aircraft from Malaya and how it may feasibly have gone to Pakistan . . . U/D: likely S Indian Ocean

Speculative, here, dateline Mar 21, but worth thinking on, given an ever-deepening mystery:

Food for thought, and yes, I have held back on this until I spotted this as a follow-on vid clip for something else I also want to put up as a vid clip shortly. END

PS: Just now [7 am news, EC time], BBC says something may have been found, possible recovery within hours to a day . . . clip of Malasian official was just played. News flashes would probably rapidly follow. Let us see, two objects spotted by search aircraft in Australia's search zone one rectangular, one circular. Remember, there's a lot of debris in the seas, so this too is a wait and see.

UPDATE: WSJ summarises reports on pulse time delay and Doppler frequency shift analysis that point to S Indian Ocean as the terminus of the flight. Families of those on board, are distraught.