Friday, November 29, 2013

A strange report of finding ammunition, bullet-reloading machinery and "more than 3,000 warheads" in Port Kingston, Jamaica

Drudge report just now had up a strange AP report from MyFoxNY, on a seizure of illegal ammunition-making machinery (at BerthNo. 5, Kingston Wharves, Jamaica).

After probing around in Jamaica's major news media, I found a report at RJR news. {U/D Nov 30, the JCF site has a somewhat helpful report, but it too is a bit garbled, though a picture -- now inserted -- helps. (I think this is indeed evidently a case of hand loading.} In key part:
Seized ammunition components -- now clearly
hand loading supplies (SOURCE: JCF)
A high-level probe is in progress following the seizure of an ammunition-making machine along with more than 3,000 warheads {JCF: "warheads or projectiles"} in a shipment at Berth Five, Kingston Wharves.

The equipment is also used to reload ammunition. It is the first seizure of its kind in Jamaica.

The items were found Thursday afternoon during an operation involving the police and personnel from Customs . . . . “We found everything that makes ammunition,” said DSP Brown. He declined to disclose the origin of the shipment and where it was destined.

A typical small handloading press
for bullets and cartridges, cf. video
here via Youtube, which shows
how precise and complex the
process -- essentially home
manufacturing of high
precision items, is. (HT:
This seems garbled. "Warheads" usually denotes the business part of heavy weapons, such as a guided missile. Most likely {U/D Nov 30: now essentially confirmed via the picture from JCF}, there were 3,000 bullets, with cartridge cases, primers and propellant "smokeless" powder, along with the sort of ammunition reloading press that is commonly used by target shooters in the USA. (Hand loaded ammunition can be more precisely controlled than factory ammunition, if you know what you are doing.)

So, I suspect, for now, that we are dealing here with a target shooter; a criminal would be more likely to just buy already loaded, ready to fire ammunition. (If the police were to tell us the calibre, that would likely solve the mystery. Target shooters are quite likely to shoot unusual calibre ammunition.)

So, I hope Mr O’Neil Schrouder -- asked to turn himself in by mid-day today, Friday, will do so with a lawyer. (That name is not typically Jamaican as well and makes me further inclined to believe we have here a would-be target shooter or hunter -- Jamaica now has a fair population of White-Tail deer -- whomay be unfamiliar with how draconian Jamaican law is on guns and related matters.)

I trust things can be reasonably sorted out, if something like that is what is going on. END