Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rom 1 reply, 33: On responding to the homosexualism challenge as a ministering church

One of the friends of this blog has shared an article on students struggling with same sex attractions in college, and onwards, someone else shared the following video:

This offers some ideas on confronting the radical homosexualist agenda, while seeking to reach out to people caught up in a terrible life-challenge that they are being taught defines their individuality and grants them "rights" to act out their impulses.

Forgive me if I am unable to find just the right balance to express my thoughts and points in a way that is not offensive to you, but I must try to balance the truth with concern that reflects the love of God for a sinful world that led him to send his Son as our suffering servant messiah and Saviour.

I beseech you, be willing to consider that the messages being trumpeted in the media and in the name of science etc, could be wrong.  

On the authority of him who died for our sins according to the prophecies of the scriptures, was buried and rose in demonstration of his status as Son of God with power, risen with healing in his wings, and with 500+ unstoppable witnesses to the fact, sent out with the gospel, the truth is that various kinds of sexual brokenness -- and these days, I must start with porn that is now so easily accessible on the Internet and is so horrific in its impacts far and wide --are simply inconsistent with the transforming grace of that risen Christ.

I cannot -- dare not -- compromise that.

I beseech us all, let us turn to him who is our risen, living Hope!

Worth pondering. END

PS: This online work may be helpful in understanding and responding to the challenge. Likewise, I strongly believe the twelve step, lifelong recovery model is applicable to this case. (It's not just take these two verses, say a couple of prayers and tough it out, see you next Sunday at church.)