Monday, January 07, 2013

Matt 24 watch, 186: If you thought the "occupation" issue was just over Israel, here is news for you -- about SPAIN (and onward -- per the Afroz Jamaican "Umma" thesis . . . , Jamaica etc.)

As we saw last month, the common tendency is to imagine that the problem with the Middle East is "Israeli occupation."

Here, MEMRI shows us a most illuminating street protest in the streets of an Egypt that is becoming ever more radicalised by the IslamISTS.

Their complaint?

That the Spanish are commemorating their final defeat of the Muslim kingdoms of Andalusia 500 years ago, and are saying that no matter how long the SPANISH "occupation" -- of Spain -- lasts, they will "return":

Inadvertently, this exposes the basic IslamiST attitude: only Islamic states, rulers and peoples are legitimate. (Notice, the remark on Islamic rulers ruling Spain with "justice.")

So, the protesters somehow "forget" that history teaches us how, from 711 AD on, Muslim armies invaded the Christian Iberian Peninsula, only to meet with 800 years of resistance and reconquest that forged the modern states of Portugal and Spain. Yes, there were wrongs on both sides that we must learn from and hope to avoid seeing again, but the underlying point is plain: the Iberians resisted and finally defeated an Islamic INVASION, motivated by global conquest Jihadist teachings rooted in the core Muslim sources.

A lesson, if we will heed it.

Let us never forget that Muslim world mission reasearch division global map of the intent of the IslamISTS, whether by Jihad or Dawah -- remember, this last term literally means call to surrender, under the implicit threat of conquest otherwise (it is not a true parallel to, say, the global witness mandate of the Christian church)  -- across this century:


Indeed, if we are to hear Dr Sultana Afroz et al, Jamaica and other territories face the same IslamIST claims, just they are not being militantly asserted yet. Yet. END