Thursday, July 26, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 165: Prophecy author, Joel Richardson and Iran Alive ministries remark on a Gospel revival reportedly sweeping Iran -- yes, IRAN

The pseudonymous prophecy author "Joel Richardson" (he has received Islamist death threats) who is the author of Mideast Beast, joins  Iran Alive Ministries in its  remarks that a Gospel revival is sweeping Iran. According to a WND article:
 Richardson, who was initially scheduled to travel to Tehran this summer to present a paper at the eighth annual International Conference of Mahdism Doctrine, had an opportunity to appear on Shabekah7 after the conference was canceled.
“Although I was truly looking forward to traveling to Iran and speaking to a few hundred Iranian religious scholars … I had the chance to speak directly to between 3 and 6 million Iranians. I was able to speak directly to the people, sharing my testimony, God’s love for the Iranian people and most importantly the gospel,” said Richardson. “It was an amazing blessing and truly one of the most wonderful opportunities of my life. This would have been illegal if I was actually in the country. The present regime is terrified of the transformative power of the Gospel among the Iranians.” . . . . 

“Despite tremendous resistance, the church in Iran right now is growing at a rate of 20 percent per year. Conservative estimates claim that there are presently between 2 to 7 million Christians in Iran. Most of these are newer converts. At the rate the present revival is spreading, in just a few years, that level of growth could be truly explosive,” sources reported.

Richardson concurred.

“Isn’t it better to believe for much and shoot high, than to take a pessimistic approach and aim low?” he asked.
If these numbers are anywhere near the truth, or even if they are ten times too high, this is a highly significant event.

Here is Richardson on Iranian Christian satellite TV "Channel" Seven:

(Part 2, part 3.)

Apparently, satellite dishes are illegal but widespread across Iran and satellite TV is a viable means of outreach. This can be highly effective in a situation where the Mullahs and the extremism of the radical Islamist regime joined to evident corrupting influences of power, has largely undermined the 1979 revolution.

Food for thought on the power of modern media to do good -- or evil. It looks like satellite TV is a viable means to bring the gospel to keystone sections of the 10/40 window such as Iran. And, the gospel most definitely has the power to bring revival and God-blessed transformation to thirsty souls. END