Friday, July 20, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 160: PM Netanyahu on the recent terrorist bombing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

Prime Minister Netanyahu has some strong words:

The wave of Iranian terrorist attacks is clearly ratcheting up the growing crisis over Iran's push to acquire nuclear weapons. END
F/N:  In a probably unrelated event a gunman has shot up a movie theatre that was screening the latest Batman movie in Colorado, killing 12 and injuring it seems like 50. He seems to have surrendered to the police, but his apartment was apparently booby trapped, probably with explosives or incendiaries and it is being gingerly probed by investigators. Unfortunately, media talking heads at ABC have raised speculations that the perpetrator may have been a Tea Party affiliated man with the same name as released. However it seems the gunman is a 24 year old graduate student in neuroscience and the Tea Party member is a man of 52. There is a considerable discussion in some quarters on irresponsible journalism seeking to smear certain groups, while others are given a pass.