Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 163: An interview on "Islamophobia" vs Islamist supremacism featuring Robert Spencer and Pam Geller, on the new Aramaic Broadcasting Network (ABN) show, Jihad Watch

Courtesy Youtube, we can watch a ninety-minute interview of Ms Geller by Mr Spencer as captioned, on "Islamophobia":

 Food for thought (forgive occasional promotion, partisanship and shrillness . . . these are not trained, polished media talking heads), in response to a disturbing trend to shut down discussion of serious points of concern by labelling those who raise objections to controversial agendas, that to question is to be irrational or fearful and hateful, or racist, or against "rights," etc. 

In fact, if someone proposes a radical change to society, to law, or to institutions such as marriage it is the proponent of change who properly bears a serious burden of warrant. In that light, the now all too common attempt to tag, demonise and dismiss those who ask pointed questions about radical agendas is rude and uncivil. (Cf. Alinski's rules for radicals. Also, the comments on Phillips' book made several days ago.)

Indeed, it raises the question, as to whether the radical agendas can stand on their merits, or have to resort to divide, demonise and dominate tactics precisely because they are ill-founded and detrimental. END
F/N: Note how Skype chatting or conferencing is being used to develop and present the interview, a hint at the potentialities of these technologies. Including for education.