Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pause for beauty -- the butterfly and what it tells us about our world

We have had a pretty intense couple of weeks here at the KF blog. 

(BTW, take a look at some new features in the RH column. For instance, do you like the key commodities price tracker?)

Let's pause for beauty and look at the following visually lush and provocative Ilustra Media trailer for their new DVD, Metamorphosis:

Well worth the five minutes to see it!

Thought-provoking, too, and it would be well worth the time to register with DI and download the companion book, here.

(You might then want to take a look at the discussion here on, in an online course on the hot issue of design theory.)

A feast for the eyes, and food for thought. END

PS: Bullfrogs and Butterflies is a wonderful song to listen to after seeing the video. (This in-studio informal rendition tells the story of the song.)

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