Saturday, November 14, 2015

Continued coverage of the Paris AK and suicide bomber attacks of Fri Nov 13, 2015

Sky News:

Death toll seems to be 127 or 128 -- the night club toll has been moved from 100 to 87. Sky news 6:25 am sat EC time says 99 critically injured. 1500 extra military on Paris's streets and 120,000 across France.

A Time report seems a useful summary:
Paris is on lockdown Friday night as a series of attacks shook the city, with at least 128 people reported dead in at least three locations.

Explosions were reported outside a France-Germany soccer match at Stade de France, at least 100 hostages were taken during a heavy metal concert at the Bataclan theater, and shootings were reported at the Le Petit Cambrodge restaurant and Le Carillon bar, which are right across the street from each other. Shots were also reported outside the nearby La Belle Equipe cafe. Authorities say shots were also fired at a sixth, undisclosed location. At least 120 people were killed in all.

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