Saturday, November 07, 2015

1 Chron 12:32 report, 122: Some thoughts on Daniel's seventy weeks prophecy

Again, I do not necessarily endorse all that is said by D Paul Beck (and actually have some concerns on points including on sniping asides he makes) but find enough merit and insight to suggest taking time to view:

Daniel's 70 Weeks - Part 1 from D. Paul Beck on Vimeo.

I might as well put up the part 2 also:

  Daniel's 70 Weeks - Part 2 from D. Paul Beck on Vimeo.

Please especially note the care with which interpretation and wider contextual issues are brought to bear, also the needs of the learner. 

And notice, even so, there are points that give pause or more than pause. This stuff is hard to do, it can be influenced by our theological biases and perceptions, and more. 

So we should avoid a false front of overly confident manner.

A benchmark that we need to do at least as well as in addressing not only prophecy but other themes. END