Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sci-Tech watch, 22: KABOOM, a NASA rocket explodes on takeoff . . . U/D, appar command detonation

Video (HT, CNN):

It seems that a NASA supply rocket for the space station has tipped over, broken and blown up [U/D: began disintegrating, gone out of control and been command destroyed] takeoff from a contract facility in Virginia, reminding us that a rocket on launch is first and foremost the dynamic equivalent of an inverted broom balanced on a finger-tip, making for a difficult control problem indeed. 

As in, it's Rocket Science!

US$200 mn up in smoke.

(Most expensive firework of this Guy Fawkes season!)


Developing. END

PS: U/D ABC News . . .
6:22 p.m. EST: The Cygnus spacecraft is scheduled to lift off. Thousands of space buffs gather along the coast to watch the launch.
6 seconds later: The rocket starts going awry.
14 seconds later: The range safety officer sends a self-destruct command. The rocket explodes into a fireball over Wallops Island, Virginia.