Sunday, October 12, 2014

HEADS UP: Weather news -- TS Gonzalo headed for Antigua & Montserrat over the next day or so

Weather Underground currently has some bad news for us here in Montserrat:

Zulu (= GMT = EC time + 4 hrs) time & location track:
Init 12/1730z 16.4n 58.4w 35 kt 40 mph
12h 13/0000z 16.4n 59.5w 35 kt 40 mph
24h 13/1200z 16.5n 61.7w 45 kt 50 mph
36h 14/0000z 17.2n 63.8w 55 kt 65 mph
48h 14/1200z 18.2n 65.5w 65 kt 75 mph
72h 15/1200z 20.5n 67.5w 75 kt 85 mph
96h 16/1200z 22.0n 68.0w 85 kt 100 mph
120h 17/1200z 24.0n 68.0w 85 kt 100 mph
That looks like, right over Montserrat about 8:00 am on Monday October 13, tomorrow. Translation, a stormy night and morning. (We already had a rain band or two hit us starting this morning.)

Radio ZJB just gave a preliminary warning.
Not good, except -- thank God -- not a full-blown hurricane. END