Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WARNING (UPDATE -- patched! see below on getting it . . . ) -- Security flaw in Internet Explorer versions 6 - 11 that can compromise a whole system . . . US Homeland Security Dept

UPDATE, May 2 -- patched!
(Looks like, check here.
MS suggests using 

automatic updates, cf. here.)

Yesterday, I ran across this warning, via Yahoo News:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security advised computer users to consider using alternatives to Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer browser [ -- NB: the popular software for going on the Internet that has a blue E on its logo similar to the one in the picture, depending on version --] until the company fixes a security flaw that hackers have used to launch attacks.

The United States Computer Emergence Readiness Team said in an advisory released on Monday morning that the vulnerability in versions 6 to 11 of Internet Explorer “could lead to the complete compromise of an affected system.”
I would suggest first exporting bookmarks/favourites and setting up a second web browser. Firefox, Opera, Chrome or a similar top tier browser will do. 

Until further notice, Internet Explorer should be avoided. (UPDATE May 2, get the patch NOW.)  END