Friday, April 25, 2014

KF Blog Education transformation post series pamphlet posted online

As the KF Blog continues to create reference pamphlets, the post series on education has been turned into a PDF pamphlet, here.

The in a nutshell is:
It has been said that education is a great antidote to poverty, as the productive capacity and outlook fostered by education help to transform personal and social prospects through equipping us to live and produce in more sound ways. Just so, we must come to understand that the most precious, most renewable most powerful natural resource in our region is the 2 – 3 lbs of grey matter we each have between our ears, which sound education equips us to use. Where also, the ongoing digital technology revolution opens doors to transform education systems, content and delivery, to make advantageous use of the potential of active, interactive, individualised and customised learning approaches. In turn that equips us to transform our region's productive potential. And so, we must make a study of how to do so effectively, learning the lesson of Psalm 32:9: “Be not like a horse or a mule, without understanding, which must be curbed with bit and bridle . . . ”


CF 83 Breaking through to digitally powered education and economic transformation in the Caribbean 3
CF 83a Linking Education to welfare, health, population and sustainability issues 12
BRIDGE Linking in Kondratiev, technology change driven long wave economic change considerations 16
CF 55 Daphne Koller of Coursera on possibilites for web-based distance education 27
CF 55a Spotlighting the Bloom Two-Sigma education effectiveness improvement challenge 37
CF 55b Addressing the readiness to learn challenge with Piaget, Vygotsky, Skemp, Bloom and others 45
CF 55c Addressing learning and mastery in light of the zone of proximal development 58
CF 55d An example: A remedial English Language laboratory 67
CF 55e Another example: Remedial (or first time through) Mathematics 77
CF 55f Injecting digital educational technologies 90
CF 66 The US$ 120 – 150 education-capable tablet arrives 99
CF 68 Bringing the Digital revolution and the tablet to the classroom 103
CF 68b The curriculum transformation challenge 114
CF 69 Bringing Java into the classroom as a computer programing learning language 126
CF 70 Top drawer Tablets may break the US$ 100 barrier 128
CONCLUSION: The big question . . .
I trust these will prove useful as food for thought. END