Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Matt 24 watch, 216: Sociologist Gabriele Kuby on implications of the global sexual revolution and the linked porn-perversion agenda

In the Homeric epics, Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy, on condition that no-one would believe her.

So, it is with conscious irony that The Catholic World Report recently -- Aug. 14 -- published an interview with sociologist Gabriele Kuby of Germany under the title, Europe's Cassandra. 

Let's clip:
Ms Kuby
Gabriele Kuby: . . . the deregulation of sexual norms leads to the destruction of culture. Why? Because, as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the family is the basic unit of society—and it needs some basic moral conditions in which to thrive.
But children—brought up today in a hyper-sexualized society in which they themselves are sexualized by the entertainment industry, the media, and mandatory school programs—are increasingly unable to become mature adults that are up to the demands of marriage, and the obligations of responsible fatherhood and motherhood.

Furthermore, such a hyper-sexualized society cannot do without contraception and abortion. And the outcome of all this is the “culture of death,” a term coined by John Paul II.

CWR: Your book [The Global Sexual Revolution] is subtitled, The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom. What do you mean by that?
Gabriele Kuby: In the wake of the dictatorships of the 20th century, and after a few centuries of the philosophical glorification of the individual, the highest value in our time is “freedom.” The deregulation of sexual norms has been “sold” to people as part of this freedom.

But what happens if you do not control and master the sexual drive? You become a slave of that powerful drive—a sex addict who is constantly on the prowl for sexual satisfaction. And as Plato already showed 2,400 years ago, this leads to tyranny.

Of course, this is all a rather complex process. But a simple thought can make it readily apparent: If people live in a culture where they lose sight of self-giving love—and, instead, use each other for sexual satisfaction—they will use others for anything that satisfies their needs. The only limits will be determined by how much power an individual has. And the ensuing social chaos produced by such sexual deregulation eventually calls for ever more control by the state.

CWR: But doesn’t real freedom mean being able to live without any rules, norms, mores, or laws?

Gabriele Kuby: Freedom is, indeed, a fundamental human value. The freedom of the will is one of the essential differences between man and animals. Even God respects our freedom and allows us to destroy ourselves—and our world.

But freedom can only be realized if it is related to truth—the truth of man, the truth of the relationship, the truth of the situation. Jesus says “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). Freedom depends on people who take responsibility for the consequences of their actions on themselves and on others.
In every society, the achievement and preservation of freedom is a battle that can only be fought by mature human beings—people who have realized an inner freedom within themselves. The idea that “freedom” means the ability to do what we like is adequate for a three-year-old child but not for those beyond that age.

In short, we must never allow liberty to be interpreted as licence. Genuine liberty is not that each man does what seems right or advantageous or desirable, but that we must mutually respect one another.

But, there is a lot more (e.g. an eye-opener on Yogyakarter, and stuff on key instititions and financial backers of the emerging Rom 1 world.) 

A sampler, on the porn-perversion agenda:

CWR: What role does pornography play in what you have diagnosed?

Gabriele Kuby: Pornography plays a huge part in the revolution. Maybe it is a kind of male revenge for the feminist war against men. People who drug themselves regularly with pornography lose sight of love, the family, the ability to become a father and mother. They become addicted and many end up on a slippery slope into the criminal use of sex. The alarming fact is that pornography has become “normal” for young people: 20% of teenage boys in Germany look at pornography daily; 42% view it once a week. What kind of people will they become? [--> notice, too, how porn has become a largely visual phenomenon. That is of serious concern, given the power of visual images.]

It is hard to understand why the EU fights so aggressively against pollution through smoking but not against pollution through pornography. The latter is more serious because it destroys the family. One cannot get rid of the images in one’s mind, even if one wants to.

There is much more to ponder, here. END