Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Capacity focus, 74a: Dave Dugdale's self-built US$2,300+ 6-core, 32GB RAM, multi-hard and flash drive multimedia editing machine

Some ideas for what can be done to build a mean, full up, pedal tot he metal video editing multimedia machine using a tower box.

First, the build:

(Warning, this man is an expert on PC's and similar equipment, since the 1980's. This is an it can be done, not an it can be done by anybody with US$2,500 or so to burn! If in doubt, get a tech to do it for you. Notice the impact of using a solid state flash drive instead of an actual spinning drive. And notice, you can get these to 250 Gigs. Also, observe the debate on whether you want a mere 750 W or a 1,000 W power supply. Such a unit is going to burn electricity at a rate comnparable to a clothes iron or a hotplate.)

Next, the initial metrics on what it does, how fast:

Finally, using it with some raw digital cam footage:

 Now, obviously, we don't need this for doing ordinary short vid clips and YouTube uploads.

After all, the most common video capture device now is a cell phone.

But if we are seriously going to be doing some high quality video for in effect an alternative channel, that is one outlay. Add in cameras, lenses, stands, lights, stages, etc etc and you see it adds up.

But not to the US$ 100,000++ . . .  ballpark for good enough to go. 

We are looking here at having some pretty credible stuff at maybe US$ 5 - 10,000.

So, again, the take-home lesson is, we had better get a move on, before someone else steals a march on us. 


If, we are concerned about the work of transformation and God blessed development of our region.

It is long past time when we can play catch up and get away with it. END