Saturday, June 01, 2013

VIDEO: Schaeffer's Whatever Happened to the Human Race -- from Abortion and infanticide to "Euthanasia" . . . killing off those deemed to have life unworthy of being lived . . .

I dare you to translate the last part of the title of this post into German.

„Lebensunwertes Leben“

Yes, I fully intend to draw attention to a shocking trend, and horrific implications now reached "after- birth abortion," as is openly advocated in the -- on fair comment, evidently mis-named -- Journal of Medical Ethics.

Let us therefore hear Schaeffer and Koop from the grave, from over thirty years ago, in part 3 of Whatever Happened to the Human Race:

Notice, particularly, manipulative abuse of terms such as "rights" as well as "dignity," and the implication of "choice," in a context of playing God.

Food for sobering thought. END