Thursday, June 13, 2013

Accidental caps lock? (An annoyance fixed thanks to the CapsUnlock utility . . . Bonus, WordGraph word processor & Kingsoft Office for Windows and Android.)

Caps Lock . . .
One of my pet peeves with PC keyboards has been the Caps Lock key. 

Y'know, that one next to Shift that gETS ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED WHEN YOU DON'T WANT>

Well, I had been looking for a replacement freebie utilitarian word processor for odd job tasks, since AbiWord has been unstable in my system. (Don't know why, just is.)

Word Graph
I discovered Van Loo Software's SS Office WordGraph [cf here], but there is no typical change case feature.

So, I went looking for a utility to lock out Caps Lock without playing around in the Registry.


Download, install, it goes to the tray next to the system clock, automatically engages on startup -- tiny, 33 kBytes, and you can turn it off if you really need Caps Lock. (Like, about every so often as a blue Moon.)

Bonus, it locks out the second annoyance, Insert, too.

Get it, install it, headache over. END

PS: Kingsoft Office from China looks great too, and it has an Android version, with iOS version coming. While we wait on Libre Office.

PPS: If it is necessary (as in the Caps Lock annoyance still crops up), right click Caps Unlock  in the tray, then uncheck the "Shift Key" over-ride.