Sunday, February 24, 2013

VIDEO: Dr Guillermo Gonzalez lectures and answers questions on the fine-tuning cosmological design argument

Astronomer Dr Guillermo Gonzalez (the same, expelled from Iowa State university in the context of being involved with Privileged Planet) here presents a survey of the fine-tuning argument in which he explains how we get to several fine-tuning cases:

It will be evident that he draws out the same sort of inference that Sir Fred Hoyle did, though he is apparently explicitly a Christian. Food for thought. END

PS: Pardon audio, especially on audience questions. (This is a pity, and can be averted by using a lavalier microphone fr the presenter, as well as wireless microphones for questioners handled by ushers, or simply an aisle microphone or two.)


F/N: For a 101, and for links to onward details, cf. here on. (A basic backgrounder will be seen here on.)