Saturday, February 02, 2013

DEBATE: William Lane Craig vs Alex Rosenberg, on "Is Faith in God Reasonable?"

This Debate was held at Purdue University on Feb 1, 2013, and is well worth the investment of time to watch:


(NB: the moderator's introduction begins at about 10 min 48 sec, if you are in a hurry [??!!]  -- it's a 2 3/4 hr event, folks. A live summary was done here by the Blogger Wintery Knight, which also gives a lot of links etc. There are also downloadable audio files -- play the files using Real Media and use the record option, if all else fails. It will save the MP3 to Real Media Downloads. For background reading, you may like Herrick here, on the "plunder the Egyptians [for back pay due]" principle. NB: Feser's review of Rosenberg's recent book, The Atheist's Guide to Reality, shows just how relevant Plato's expose of the implications of materialism in The Laws, Bk X, c. 360 BC still is. The interested viewer may also want to read onward in the roundup of Feser's ten-post critique here on. HT: VJT of UD)

Food for thought. END