Friday, December 07, 2012

Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 + 71 years . . .

Today is the 71st Anniversary of the surprise Pearl Harbor attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy, which caught the US Navy's Pacific Fleet flat-footed and devastated its core strength, save for the three aircraft carriers that were to turn the tide around in just six months, especially at Midway.

Notice, in the video, how at 7:02 AM, a radar station spotted the first wave, but this was misidentified and no alert was taken in time for the attacks, which hit the base by around 7:55 AM:

It is worth reflecting on this failure to take due notice of good warning (even, discounting spotting of a submarine periscope at 3:42 am by Condor and sinking of another at 6:37 am by Ward . . . ), and its consequences; perhaps the most significant lesson from this incident in military history. END