Friday, November 16, 2012

Matt 24 watch, 180: The Rev Franklin Graham (son of the Rev Billy Graham) speaks to the American nation about turning its back on God

A few days ago, I spoke to weak points that the church in the Caribbean and beyond needs to address. 

Today, I see where Rev Franklin Graham speaks to his own nation in a similar vein, touching on several serious points of concern, especially how his nation has increasingly turned its back on God over the past forty years -- not coincidentally, almost exactly the time since the 1973 Abortion on Demand US Supreme Court decision (though he would doubtless also point to other earlier pivotal indicators) -- and outright saying that it may take economic collapse to drive that nation to its knees in penitent prayer.

I think we should watch, reflecting on key points and some of the earlier concerns:

It is time for sober reflection on our path as a civilisation. END