Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th, 2012, 9-11 + 11, let us watch the unedited CNN footage of that day . . .

(Cf the post on the 9/11 firemen with video here from last year)

Today is the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks that marked a break in world history, defining our time. 

The burning WTC towers on 9-11

9-11 + 11 years, with memorial pools where the towers once stood

 On that day, nineteen men, believing they were acting in the name of Islam and its global mission/mandate, launched terrorist attacks by hijacking four commercial airliners with ordinary people going about the ordinary business of life. 

They managed to fly two of these planes into the World Trade Center towers, bringing them crashing to the ground in pancake collapses. Nearly 3,000 died.

 A third was crashed into the Pentagon. Some 180 died.

The fourth, did not make it to Washington DC because Passengers, hearing of the events, formed themselves into an impromptu military unit and counter-attacked the hijackers. The plane crashed into the ground in the Pennsylvania countryside. About 60 died.

With that, the ongoing World War IV (for good reason, I count the Cold War as WW III, cf. a post from last year here) blazed into global flame, and still continues as the long war.  The war brought to us by IslamIST terrorism and Black Flag Army Mahdist global conquest ambitions. The war that now teeters on the brink of toppling into the furnace of nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran's Mahdist mullahs. 

Walid Phares is blunt, issuing a grim warning that we need to heed more than ever eleven years after that grim September Morning in 2001, on the global security front:
what is being camouflaged by the “I killed Osama” campaign is the realization in the American people that Osama’s dreams are thriving despite the fact that he is dead. Severing the head of al-Qaida is being brandished as the administration’s piece de rĂ©sistance when in reality, the organization bin Laden created, and the movement and ideology that inspired it, are much closer to achieving the dreams of al-Qaida’s late founder.

It is ironic that killing bin Laden is being hailed as the near end of the war on terror while the Obama administration's global and regional policies are facilitating Osama’s dream of the rise of emirates, and a restored Caliphate at the hands of Islamists, Salafists, and jihadists, even if in the early stages.

We face a long war.

The long war that can only be solved if moderate Muslims prevail in the internal struggles in Islam (and even moreso as the global witness to the gospel reaches the hearts of ordinary Muslim people across the world with genuine hope and grace leading to true peace with God and one's fellow man . . . ). 

For the sake of global survival, we must exorcise the feverish militarist visions of global subjugation under the final Caliph, the Mahdi that drove these nineteen men to suicide terrorism and mass murder eleven years ago today.

But, today, let us remember.

As a memorial, today, let us watch the unedited CNN footage from that terrible morning:


Then, let us determine that we shall immovably, unbreakably, steadfastly stand for the truth and for the grace and good news of God in the name of him who is Prince of Peace, unjustly judicially murdered but turning that into an offering for our sins and risen with healing in his wings. For, it is he who is our one and only true eternal hope. END